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The Importance of Lawn Irrigation for Your Home

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October 26, 20223 min read

Can you imagine taking your morning cup of coffee to your front window to look at your front yard only to see your lawn riddled with dead patches and weeds? That's what'll happen if you don't have a proper lawn irrigation system installed. Water is vital to any lush lawn, and you can't achieve a uniform, green look without it. Let’s learn how an irrigation system increases your home's value below:

1. Prevent Weeds and Sparse Growth

Keeping in mind that water helps strengthen your grass's structure, too little or too much water can result in a weak root system. That makes it easier for unwanted pests and weeds to take over. A sprinkler system will come with a timer. You can set it for automatic watering to control the water used on your lawn.

2. Cut Back on Water Bills

Overwatering your lawn can cause your grass to die and also result in your water bill being astronomically high. An irrigation system allows for the precise distribution of the water supply. That means that no water is wasted. You can adjust your timer based on the year's season and how much rainfall you're getting.

3. Saves Your Time

A bonus of lawn irrigation is efficiently managing your own time. Adequately hand watering a lawn, especially during warmer months, can take hours out of your time. That's time you don't have. Even setting up a portable sprinkler system can lead to water being wasted if you accidentally forget it's running. You'll save time and energy with an automated sprinkler system.

With lawn irrigation, there'll be sprinkler heads installed throughout your grass. You don't have to worry about damaging them when you mow your lawn. If you mow your lawn regularly, you'll keep it looking dense and lush. If it gets too long, the sun's rays can cause the grass to start to yellow.

4. Reduce Fungi, Plant, and Weed Diseases

An irrigation system can target specific areas of your lawn to water. Sprinkler systems efficiently direct the water into a plant's root system. Deprive water weeds and direct them to trees, plants, shrubs, and grass you want to water.

An irrigation system can also decrease the amount of plant disease and fungi on your property. Watering by hand often leads to droplets of water getting collected on leaves and blades of grass. This creates an environment for plant fungi to grow. An irrigation system delivers water directly to the roots and base of plants and grass. You don't have to worry about excess water accumulating.

5. Travel With Ease

An irrigation system allows you to customize your watering schedule. Once it's programmed, it'll turn on and off automatically. You don't have to be around when your lawn and plants are watered. If you're a frequent traveler, this makes your life even easier.

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