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How to Know That You Need a Sprinkler Irrigation System?

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October 13, 20223 min read

The purpose of an irrigation system is to provide uniform lawn watering. If you have noticed that a specific area of your lawn is always getting more water than the rest, there may be a problem with your irrigation system that requires fixing.

Uneven watering is typically a problem, such as faulty valves, clogged sprinkler heads, or burst pipes. To fix a sprinkler that has stopped working because of a clog, you can remove the heat and remove the obstruction carefully. On the other hand, if a professional is required to fix a broken pipe or a faulty valve in your irrigation system, it's best to call them in.

· Changes in Water Pressure

A sudden decrease in water pressure is an additional red flag that your irrigation system is malfunctioning. If the water pressure is inadequate, the water will not be distributed fairly. The irrigation system may leak or even burst if the water level rises too high.

Check the regulators and control valves to see if they are causing the pressure drop. If that's the case, fiddling with the settings or giving the valves a good scrub might fix the problem.

If these areas look like they're working, the problem is probably with the irrigation pipe. Over time, water pressure can drop if these pipes shift or get clogged. If you experience a sudden change in water pressure, it is best to have it checked out by a professional. Do-it-yourself repairs run the risk of making the problem worse.

· Dysfunctional Control Valves

The sprinkler head is leaking, which is never a good indication. This may point to either a plumbing leak or an overwatering system. Large amounts of resources are being wasted either way. As reported by the Environmental Protection Agency, an annual loss of 25,000 gallons of water is estimated to result from improperly maintained irrigation systems. If you see water pouring from your sprinklers, check the surrounding area for possible causes. See if you can pinpoint the leak's origin. Fixing a dripping pipe or valve often only requires tightening screws or changing a washer.

If the problem persists, there may be a need to go to an expert. In the event of a leak, your yard and the neighbors could be severely damaged. 

· The Cost of Water Is Exorbitant

Any unexpected drops in your water bill over a month could indicate something is wrong with your sprinkler system. That's the case if you're unsure why you've used more water than usual. If this is the case, it's likely due to a leak in your irrigation system.

To be clear, not all leaks present themselves externally. An irrigation system water leak could be the culprit if water is still dripping from the pipe even though the sprinklers are switched off.

Call a repairman for your irrigation system if you notice unexplained jumps in your water bill. You can count on them to help you zero in on and fix the issue.

· Soil Erosion

Finally, if you have areas of your property where the soil is eroding, it may be a sign that your irrigation system needs repair. If you turn on your sprinklers, the water will be dispersed evenly across your lawn. This stops water from collecting in low areas and eroding topsoil. You should check your irrigation system if you see signs of soil erosion. More than one of the parts is likely broken. If you take care of the issue quickly, further damage to your property can be avoided.

The Bottom Line

Problems with your sprinkler system's upkeep or replacement need not be a source of anxiety. Maintaining a functional sprinkler system requires constant care and attention, including fixing issues as they arise and performing routine checks and cleanings.

If you have further questions about irrigation system installation, repairs, or updated replacements, feel free to contact us at irrigation repair in Greenville, SC. If you call us, we can discuss your needs over the phone and set up a time for a free sprinkler system estimate. Today is the day to get your no-obligation estimate!

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