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How to Choose the Right Irrigation Installer Company?

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October 26, 20223 min read

You're wondering if you need a professional to install an in ground irrigation system. How do you settle on a choice? How much do you rely on word-of-mouth? What are some great questions to ask next? To help you make an informed decision when hiring an in ground irrigation system installer, we polled some professionals and compiled the following summary.

What kind of in ground irrigation system you need and what kind of solutions would be useful for your yard's needs will depend on factors like the soil type, the kind of grass, the quantity of sunshine and shade, the slope of the land, the presence of ditches, and the kinds of plants you have. Try to choose a service that can adapt to your needs by learning about your yard and gardens.

Inquire Into Suggestions

We put more stock in the recommendations of strangers on Facebook than we do in a business's claims made on its website. Find out whether the company has done business with someone in your region and if you can get in touch with them. How would you characterize their journey? Choose a service that will get the job done on schedule and won't ruin your grass.

Figure out Exactly What You’re Getting for Your Money

There are a lot of in-ground irrigation companies that sell packages, so it's important to know what you're getting. Will there be an additional fee for service calls? I was wondering what sort of guarantees were offered. In what ways does the guarantee protect you? How much would it cost for repairs or service in the autumn or spring if you need it? What happens if you decide to terminate your agreement if any? Regardless of your decision, before signing anything, be sure you know how much money will come out of your pocket.

What Services Does That Company Provide?

Regarding in-ground watering systems, a select few models dominate the market. Find out how a company operates and exactly what you'll be getting. Cheaper parts cost less but typically don't hold up as well. Good, as long as you know that going in. Is this product designed to withstand the challenges of your specific setting?

How Knowledgeable Are Their Installers?

Look for a service that installs underground irrigation systems using certified plumbers. After spending money on irrigation, you probably don't want to discover a leak somewhere within the home or that you woke up to a soggy yard.

Make sure you ask about everything an irrigation company can do for you when you call them. You're looking for confirmation that they offer service and guarantees. You should be sceptical of choosing an experienced irrigation firm for design and installation if they do not service their work.


Gathering Estimates

A trustworthy company will gladly supply you with a written quote or estimate. For this, they'll need specifics regarding your home, usually paying them a visit (soil condition, plant types, water pressure, etc.).


When you hire a professional sprinkler company, they'll send out trained technicians with all the tools needed to get the job done. Not only do they have the specialized tools needed for a smooth installation, but they also know just what to use and how to use it to keep your property's landscape in pristine condition during the process.

If you need help with your irrigation system in Greenville, SC, call Irrigation Repair Greenville, SC.

At Irrigation Repair Greenville, SC, we take great pride in providing our clients with the reassurance that comes from knowing that there in ground irrigation system was installed and is being properly maintained. To guarantee your system can endure the harsh conditions , we use and supply only the highest quality materials available from the industry's top manufacturers. If you are looking for a reliable company to install an in ground irrigation system on your property, please get in touch with us immediately for a consultation.

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