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2 Important Reasons to Install a Sprinkler System

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October 26, 20223 min read

Most house owners now know that watering their yards with sprinkler systems is the most cost-effective way to keep their landscaping looking good. Installing an irrigation system on a property may help the owner save time, money, and water. This means that installing an irrigation system is a great way to prolong the beauty of your landscaping and a wise way to boost your home's worth.

Inquiring minds want to know if installing an irrigation system is worth the money. Let's check out the reasons why this is something to consider.

1. Watering Your Grass, Garden, or Indoor Plants Is a Time Saver

This is perhaps the single most crucial explanation for irrigation's great success among homeowners. Watering a small front and back yard by hand may take a long time. How often and how much water your landscape needs to be irrigated depends on several factors, such as:

· Where do you live?

· What season is it?

· What sort of grass do you have?

· Whether native or exotic plants make up your landscaping?

· Water-retention capacity of your soil

· The square footage of the region needs watering.

· Exposure to the Sun

There are many reasons why summer is the season in which you will spend the most time watering, but it is safe to conclude that this is because of the heat. Most homeowners would rather spend their summer doing anything else than watering their lawn, garden, or thirty-potted plants. If you reside in a very hot and humid part of the country, irrigation may be your best bet for keeping your sanity and your garden alive.

2. You May Save Money By Watering Your Yard Using An Irrigation System

You may save both time and money with an irrigation system. This means you won't need to ask a neighbour, friend, or landscaper to come water your plants and yard while you're away. As this is rather common, we have a term for it: "hiring a neighbour to kill your lawn and potted plants."

The cost of water will undoubtedly rise each month, especially in the heat of the summer. Due to its scarcity and importance, water consumption should be treated with due diligence. Taking advantage of advancements in the irrigation sector might help you save water and money.

Irrigating is superior to hand-watering or the elaborate setup of cheap, ineffective oscillating sprinklers for another major reason: everything may be watered separately and on schedule. Your plants will likely have unique watering needs than your lawn. To water every plant and patch of grass without wasting any water, use a combination of drip irrigation and lawn sprinklers in different zones.

The term "drip irrigation" refers to a method of watering in which water slowly trickles from a hose, allowing your garden, trees, shrubs, and potted plants to soak up the water they need. This results in less water being lost through runoff.

To irrigate large areas of grass, lawn sprinklers are the best option. There are many different kinds, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. A few of the options you'll find are:

There is too much information to go through your hardware options here, but you should familiarise yourself with what's out there to make the best pick for your garden. A comprehensive map of your irrigation needs should be created before any installations are carried out since poorly fitted irrigation systems can waste a significant amount of water. You may do this by planning out the layout of your garden and taking note of the specific watering needs of each plant. Think about which areas will be in the sun and which will be in the shade as you plan to put down sod.

If you're curious about the benefits of irrigation, feel free to call us. At irrigation repair Greenville SC, we are happy to address any concerns you may have regarding irrigation system set up, components, or landscaping.

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